Elite Sound Systems, Equipment and Services

Audio Acoustics, based in Springfield, Missouri, is a leading installer of premium sound and video systems. From basic music delivery for businesses to advanced systems designed to bring an entire stadium of people to their feet, we deliver what your business needs.

We have the Expertise to Match You with the Correct Equipment

We began installing music systems in 1962. Our experience in this field led us to expand into more specialized areas such as designing nurse call systems for medical institutions, advanced intercom systems for schools, and drive-thru equipment that allows you to communicate with your customers clearly. A well-designed sound system is an asset to any business. Through our Pro Sound Division, we customize solutions for an incredible range of applications. Our experts consider your space and how you use it, and then design a system to suit your business precisely. We sell professional-grade sound equipment and accessories through our online retail website ProAudioSuperstore.

We Give Your Business a Voice

Audio Acoustics is also a well-known Mood franchise (previously Muzak), serving the southern third of Missouri (including Springfield, Joplin and Cape Girardeau) as well as portions of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Through Mood, we offer our customers a wide selection of business music, plus intercom and paging systems.

Whether you need a minor piece of equipment or a complete, custom-designed sound system, we’re a one-stop resource ready to serve you.

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