Pro Audio Visual Services

Give Your Message Clarity and Precision

Audio Acoustics installs and designs exceptional sound delivery systems for professional applications from conference rooms to stadiums. Since 1968, we have provided perfect clarity to businesses aiming to energize crowds from ten to ten thousand – or who need to deliver a message to a small gathering of colleagues. As one of the Southwest Missouri’s largest pro audio and visual service providers, Audio Acoustics has serviced much of the Midwest for 50 years including Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma.

We tailor our sound systems to precisely meet the needs of schools, restaurants, hospitals, retail spaces and office buildings. What you have to say is important to us. When we plan your Pro Sound system, we fully consider the acoustic potential of the space where we’ll be installing it.

More importantly, we consider how you use that space.

Our experience in sound system planning affords us the ability to match your space and its purpose with the appropriate equipment. We have worked extensively with the industry’s top manufacturers to create sophisticated systems for a range of projects. Thanks to our decades of experience handling diverse projects, we understand how to maximize the sound quality in your space, eliminate “dead spots” and work comfortably with your budget.

Design & Engineering

Since our beginnings, we have always been a full service company. In addition to our vast installation and service divisions for all the products we offer, we provide all our own design services as well. Our design staff, led by a Senior Systems Designer with 36 years of experience in the industry, provides complete designs for all of our own system installations as well as offering design services only for our clients. Our designs incorporate 3D modeling of a space to have a virtual look at the proposed audio/video solution, even while it is still on the architectural drawing board.

Pro Audio

Our audio system designs provide the ability to build a room, design an audio reinforcement system and hear it from any seat in the venue, all virtually. Audio, video and acoustical systems design expertise added to our installation and product service provides a complete package for all our clients.

Pro Video

We install professional video systems unlike anything you’ve seen. Our design team matches your venue — whether it’s a sports bar, conference center, outdoor sign, classroom — with the latest in video display & distribution equipment and sound to keep your audience captivated.

Television Distribution Systems (Or MATV, Master Antenna Television Systems)

We install systems for a variety of clients who need a clear, reliable television signal distributed to multiple sets in applications such as such as hotels, hospitals, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities and more.

Our technicians design systems to take antenna, satellite or local cable feeds, and distribute them to many locations through a single cable. This allows facilities with a dozen television sets or even hundreds, to have a perfect, independent signal.


We install high quality Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems for various applications including security, distance learning and surveillance. Some examples of where Audio Acoustics could install CCTV services:

  • Banks
  • Convenience Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery Stores
  • Retail Stores
  • Schools
  • Airports
  • Factories
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