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Audio Acoustics works extensively with healthcare providers to supply communications tools that improve patient care and help facility caregivers.

Nurse Call Systems

For most businesses, staying connected is important. However, to healthcare providers, communicating effectively at all times is crucial. Nurse call systems facilitate communication between patients and staff. We offer nurse call systems to suit any type of health care institution including hospitals, clinics, skilled nursing facilities, medical office buildings, surgery centers, assisted living, and long-term care facilities.

Audio Acoustics, Inc. works with healthcare institutions large and small, old and new. We are able to work with you during the design/build process to ensure that your nurse call systems suit your immediate needs and allow for future growth. But, because of our experience, upgrading or changing an existing nurse call system is also a hassle-free experience. We consider your needs and your budget to design the system that’s right for you.

Rauland nurse call systems set the standard of excellence in the medical industry; they are intuitive, completely scalable and absolutely reliable. Since studies show quiet environments promote better healing, Rauland nurse call systems are designed to minimize overhead paging. If a particular nurse is unable to answer, a call is automatically routed to the next appropriate caregiver.

Rauland systems are easy to learn and integrate seamlessly with existing protocol and technology; so our nurse call systems conform to your medical facility’s needs. They are similarly adaptable in terms of size. We can scale a Rauland system to fit your facility whether it is a few beds or a few thousand. This makes Rauland a perfect choice for hospitals of all sizes, clinics, skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities even medical office buildings.

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Asset Tracking

We also offer a superb RTLS (real time locating system) tracking system. RTLS tracking systems expedite patient care and save a tremendous amount of money by locating staff and tracking essential equipment. Staff spends less time looking for each other or searching for the equipment they need, and hospitals spend less money on unnecessary searches and replacement.

Proud Rauland Partner

Audio Acoustics has been partnered with Rauland Ametek for over 40 years, covering parts of Missouri and Kansas. In 2018, Rauland announced that Audio Acoustics would now be representing majority of the state of Oklahoma, including the Tulsa and Oklahoma City regions, as it’s exclusive Rauland partner. Since then, we have opened an Oklahoma office to best service our Rauland Oklahoma healthcare facilities.

We can install completely new, customized systems where appropriate. However, we can also seamlessly integrate new technology with existing components and technology to create a comprehensive communication system. Features such as intuitive controls and push-button technology make our systems easy to use for staff and patients.

Rauland is consistently ahead of the competition in researching and implementing product improvements; so as your facility grows and changes, your nurse call system can keep pace.

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