Auditoriums are great places to gather the general public to spread information, entertain the masses and also instill school and community pride. A major factor in creating an excellent space is having the right audio-visual equipment to support a wide variety of activities. Selecting the right audio-visual team that can help match you with the right equipment can be a daunting task. Because there are so many factors to take into consideration, (like cost, space, needs… etc.) it’s good to have a list of considerations as you begin your search to find the right people and equipment to meet your school’s needs. Here is a list to help you get started:

  1. What is this space used for and who uses it?

    Knowing your space, the needs associated with it and who uses it are important to making sure you’re selecting the right system. It’s easy to think of the obvious like drama, music and end-of-year ceremonies, but what about non-school related events? Does the community use the space for special events? Smart devices, projectors and interactive whiteboards could require complex integrations, so as you move forward it’s important to know who and what will be using the auditorium space at any given event.

  2. Will the installers be able to answer your questions after the job is complete?

    Having great equipment is one thing; knowing how to use it to its greatest potential is another. Beyond installing the right audio-visual system, you want to make sure you have the appropriate amount of testing, training and commissioning of the newly installed equipment. And even after that’s been done, knowing if your installation company is available should questions arise is important to ensuring continued success with your new system.

  3. Will this new audio-visual system be able to adapt and grow?

    When you invest in a great audio-visual system for your school’s auditorium, you not only want the greatest bang for your buck, but you want your investment to have some longevity. As more schools invest in the connectivity capabilities of their students, having an auditorium that meets this growing need is important to making sure your equipment grows as your student’s digital needs grow.

  4. Is there any critical deadline with this project?

    Schools are busy places, and not just during the school year. Make sure you’re aware of any pressing timeline expectations from your school so you can create a reasonable timeline. If the hope is to have the space up and running before graduation, the spring play or the community awards night then make sure all who are involved in the project are aware.

Most school auditoriums are designed to be used for a variety of purposes, and making sure your audio-visual equipment can handle that variety is important to those events being successful.

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