From the hallways to the auditorium, gymnasium to the cafeteria, every inch of a school building (inside and out) is used for student success and community involvement. While all of those locations in a building serve different purposes and functions, one criterion they all have in common is the need for quality sound to communicate to their audience. Here we will explore 5 spaces in the school where quality sound systems can benefit the learning environment.

The classroom can be one location in the school building that can be overlooked as a space that benefits from an integrated school-wide sound system. As school districts continue to expand 1:1 tech initiatives and BYOD (bring your own device) programs, the amount of technology in the student’s hand’s isn’t decreasing. Quality, uniform audiovisual technology in the classroom means students have the ability to display their digital work and have digitally based lessons displayed to them; no matter what classroom they are in at the time.

Having a quality sound system in a school theater or auditorium shows performing arts students their school cares about their craft. It also gives the community a place to come together and enjoy community theater. However, school theaters aren’t just for the students in performing arts, but is also for other educational endeavors. Auditoriums can be a great place to gather specific groups of students to communicate or allow students to gather to telecommunicate with someone else. Students can gather in an auditorium and engage in a Q & A session with a local government representative and get answers to their questions in real-time. Having an auditorium that is equipped to facilitate such conversations helps students to engage, not only with the student body but with their greater community.  

It’s no question as to if school paging is a beneficial communication device for a school district. The question is typically, “is the paging system up-to-date and communicating effectively throughout the whole school?” Robust mass notifications systems add to the safety of the entire school and ensure everyone knows what’s happening. This helps to work as a general good communication strategy for the entire school district. Additionally, with a robust school paging system schools are able to publicly congratulate individual students, club or team achievements to cultivate an environment that praises successes.

The lunch period in most schools is a great time to make sure students are up to date on announcements (or any changes that have been made to the announcements), but face the challenge of making sure those announcements are heard. Having an audiovisual company evaluate your cafeteria space could result in finding the need (and benefit) to sound panels to reduce certain noise and sound system that could help boost the clarity and intelligibility of what needs to be heard.

Gymnasiums typically host the widest variety of events year round. School dances, sporting events, and weeknight community events all come with different needs but all have the same goal – to host a great event all can enjoy and experience. Much of that goal is met with a sound system that fits the unique acoustical challenges found in a “boomy” gym. Loud buzzers, cheering crowds and music played over the speakers are usually expected in a typical school gym event, however if the clarity and intelligibility are awful then the event isn’t as great as it could have been. Parents not able to hear their student’s name announced, referees not able to communicate with each other or playback music that is so muddled it can’t be understood can lead to more frustration than enjoyment at an event. When a gym has been fitted with the right sound setup, no matter what the next event in the gym is, the audible message isn’t lost.

Investing in an integrated, robust sound system for your school is no small task. Part of the struggle is finding a professional audiovisual company that understands that the needs of every school are different. Audio Acoustics knows how to improve communications within your school building (inside and out) with services like synchronizing clocks and class bells or with far more complex solutions within your entire district.

Audio Acoustics is located in southwest Missouri and serves as far north as Unionville, MO, as far south as Camden, AR, as far west as Wichita, KS and as far east as Cape Girardeau, MO.

Are you ready to bring quality sound and communication to your school?