Joplin, MO

Initially, this project began in April of 2011. After the May 2011 tornado outbreak devastated parts of Joplin, this project was set back by several months. Thankfully, Thomas Jefferson was not severely affected by the tornado. We were able to get the main system up and running for the beginning of the school year in August that same summer.

The main PA system is comprised of Electro-Voice EVA series line arrays. The left and right arrays consist of three EVA 2082/920 dual-element 90-degree by 20-degree full range modules and one EVA 2082/906 dual-element 90-degree by 6-degree full-range module per hang. The side arrays are powered by Electro-Voice Q1212 amplifiers. The center cluster is a pair of EVF-1122S96 12-inch two-way full-range loudspeakers, powered by a Electro-Voice Q99 amplifier. Use of full range speakers was important as it eliminated the need for subwoofers in the system and kept costs down. The excellent acoustics in the hall also helped. Very little EQing and tuning of the system was required since the room sounded so good. Balcony fills were JBL Control 25 speakers.

Mixing is handled by the Yamaha M7CL 48-channel digital console. 24-channels of Sennheiser wireless were implemented with directional antennas mounted just outside the sound booth under the balcony. Processing for the system is handled by the BBS London Soundweb BLU-160 processor and a pair of BLU-120 expander units. A full Aviom system was installed as well allowing for independent control of monitor mixes for up to 16 monitoring stations.