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Are you seeking a time-tested and reliable nurse call system to elevate patient care within your healthcare facility? For over 50 years, Audio Acoustics has been a proud and trusted vendor of Rauland nurse call systems, designed to optimize communication and streamline care delivery.

Rauland Responder Enterprise

A scalable and secure nurse call system that prioritizes both patient satisfaction and workflows, Responder Enterprise® is a clinical communications platform and best practices engine built to evolve with any size hospital or network of hospitals; large or small.

Responder Enterprise is a proven solution for any sized critical care access hospital.

This scalable hospital communication system is tailored to healthcare facilities that are often faced with meeting unique challenges. Oftentimes, these hospitals are struggling to manage limited staff without sacrificing quality of care in small, critical access hospitals and healthcare organizations. Responder Enterprise serves as a clinical workflow solution and can be specially designed and priced for small hospitals and critical access healthcare facilities, helping deliver:

  • Reduced response times
  • Improved staff and patient satisfaction
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Robust reporting and analysis
  • Measurable return on investment

Our Clinical Application Specialist team works with all our hospitals to train, analyze, and improve the clinical workflow solutions to enhance the many benefits Responder Enterprise offers.

Rauland Responder 5

Rauland Responder 5

Responder 5 is a nurse call and communication system designed for healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and long-term care centers. It’s aimed at enhancing communication between patients and healthcare staff and reducing staff response times. Some key features of the Responder 5 include:

  • Nurse Call System: The core functionality is a nurse call system that allows patients to easily call for assistance from nurses and caregivers.
  • Integration: Responder 5 is designed to integrate with other hospital systems such as patient information systems, staff assignment systems, and real-time location systems.
  • Priority Levels: Supports different priority levels for calls, allowing healthcare staff to quickly identify the urgency of a request.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Provides reporting and analytics features to track response times, call volumes, and other relevant data to help healthcare administrators optimize their operations.
  • Mobile Integration: Allows nurses and staff to receive alerts and respond to calls via their mobile devices.
  • Customization: Adapts to different workflows and setups with specific needs of each healthcare facility.

Rauland Responder 5000

Ideal for long-term care, the Responder® 5000 application is web-based software. Providing customizable activities boards for caregivers, this application gives a clear view of the nurse call activities in real time on any unit or multiple units.

A reporting module provides the longer term picture of the facility and the way nursing and resident’s requests are met. Rounding out the application, the Responder 5000 provides administration module tools for user management and overall customizations for the application.

Long-term care facilities provide safety, security and dignity to the residents they serve. Responder 5000 allows all levels of nursing staff to provide their patients with the very best level of monitoring and care, giving families the peace of mind knowing their loved ones are seen and heard. Some key features of the Responder 5000 include:

  • View Nurse Call activities in real time
  • Automate reporting tasks to give staff more time
  • Easily manage resident detail views
  • Control process flow with robust administration tools

Rauland Responder 5000

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As a renowned audio-visual company, we have proudly partnered with Rauland for over 40 years, providing cutting-edge communication solutions to healthcare facilities like yours. We understand the critical role that seamless communication plays in delivering exceptional patient care, and our expertise ensures a smooth and successful integration of Rauland nurse call systems into your facility.

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