Call lights, nurse bell tones, nurse intercom – the nurse call system has held many names in it’s evolving career. However the purpose remains the same; to provide better communication between the patient and the provider.

As technology has increased and hospital needs have changed, the nurse call system has had to change as well.

Audio Acoustics has proudly partnered with Rauland’s nurse call systems for over 40 years. We cover southern Missouri, southeast Kansas and much of Oklahoma.

From integration to workflows to bed management, Rauland nurse call systems provide safety, satisfaction and efficiency. Audio Acoustics offers different, tailored nurse call solutions to meet any healthcare facilities goals, but some of the top Rauland products we carry are the Rauland Enterprise®, Rauland Responder® 5 and the Rauland Responder® 5000.

Rauland Responder Enterprise


A scalable and secure nurse call system from Rauland provides the same priority in patient satisfaction and workflows. The Rauland Enterprise® is a clinical communications platform and best practices engine built to evolve with any size hospital; large or small.

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Rauland Responder 5

Responder® 5

Rauland Responder 5 was designed with large, complex healthcare settings in mind. Responder 5 gets the right care, to the right patient, at the right time. Read more about the Rauland Responder 5

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Let Responder 5, the nation’s leading nurse call system, connect the dots between our advanced technology and your staff’s ability to communicate and respond better to patients’ needs in a way that will earn a score of “always” on patient satisfaction surveys. We make it our job to understand nursing goals and overall objectives.

Improve Patient Safety

Responder 5 can alert staff of differentiated alarms for patients as well as provide risk statuses for patients. We can connect and provide crucial patient information directly to the caregiver. Rounding reminders keep patient front and center which increases patient safety. Audio bath stations permit direct voice communication for patients with their caregiver.

Improve Caregiver Satisfaction

Responder 5 is a hospital-wide, critical communications solution that improves staff efficiency and reduces steps and stress in each caregiver’s day. Responder 5 improves staff-to-staff communication along with simplifying workflows and synchronizing assignments. We can increase efficiencies and effectiveness in delivering patient care. We provide training and ongoing support for staff.

Increase Revenue

With Locating Systems-Asset tracking will provide reduced time to get equipment to patients and lower rental fees for equipment by being able to locate all equipment in your facility. Staff locating will provide usable data for informatics as well as being able to locate all staff resulting in faster patient response times.

Rauland Responder 5000

Responder® 5000

Designed with long-term care as top-of-mind, the Rauland Responder 5000 is ideal for facilities with unique care needs. Read more about Rauland’s Responder® 5000.

To find out more about our Rauland nurse call products or other nurse call options we have, contact us today.