School gymnasiums are the true multipurpose room in any school – large or small. From civic uses to band concerts, school assemblies to daily gym classes; the gym sees (and hears) it all. However, in order to make the gym truly multipurpose, multiple groups need the space to meet their AV needs. 

In the past, we have reviewed how it is possible to overcome bad sound inside a boomy gymnasium, but here we will cover what kinds of options exist today to help make your school gymnasium’s audio and visual be the best it can be today and in the future.

Audio upgrades
Every school gymnasium space comes with an acoustical challenge. From the materials used inside the gym, to the sheer size of the gym; a lot of considerations must be made when upgrading. The main consideration in upgrading the gyms sound system is making sure the speaker system that is selected is customized to your space. The design customization will help plan for the particular gym size, the coverage area and the acoustics the space presents. Having a customized design also means the upgrade is looking to the future, giving schools the biggest bang for their (often limited) buck. 

Upgrading to acoustic panels in the gym space also allows for more control with “live sounds” that can make the gym an overwhelming place for many students, fans and guests. Additionally, during the school day acoustic panels help to keep noise inside the gym instead of the whole school hearing what song track the fitness class is working out to. 

Wireless mics are another consideration when upgrading gymnasium sound systems. Wireless mics fit a myriad of use cases – special performances, saving the gym teacher’s voice in larger class settings, and giving the space more freedom in general. 

Visual presentation upgrades
As technology has changed, so has the way we present information and entertainment. Gymnasiums are no longer a place without a visual component. Video walls, digital displays, LED panels, projectors and screens all help to enhance the visual possibilities in the gym space. 

From PE teachers using the screens for more dynamic instruction to live-streaming school events, visual presentation upgrades only add to the possibilities of everyone who uses the space. As educators look to provide more inclusive and interactive ways to involve all levels of ability, visual presentation upgrades help engage all learners. 



While finding the right wireless mic or speaker configuration can be challenging, finding the right vendor will help to analyze the space and help present options. Educators and administrators need to know that the upgrade allows for longevity and low cost of ownership in the long run and selecting the right audio visual vendor is the first step.

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