With the marketplace more globalized than ever, having quality video conferencing in your office has never been more crucial. However, adding new, quality tele-communications into your office’s landscape can be a daunting task. There can be many fears when weighing the pros and cons of new technologies and new systems. Fears like: Is this the right move? Will this actually make work life easier for the staff? Will this investment be a bust? These questions are completely legitimate and need to be asked, as long as the answers are based in fact and not emotion or head trash. Here we will look at four common myths and misconceptions of video conferencing, and rather the benefits it’s bringing to modern business.

  1. “It’s way too expensive for our office.”
    While it’s reasonable to think there could be costs associated in getting set-up with the correct equipment and connections, the long-term shows that video conferencing actually helps save money. As the telecommunications technology expands, the price for some of these technologies will decrease over time. Think of the money saved in travel expenses and lost productivity getting to and from meetings when a video conference could have been utilized. Sometimes a sales team might fear going after a great prospect that isn’t located in a proximity that makes face-to-face meetings possible. With video conferencing able to break that barrier, a company could increase sales with new prospects.
  2. “It’s an IT nightmare.”
    No one wants to put unwanted or unneeded pressure on an IT department. And thanks to the ever-growing and ease-of-use trend in video conferencing technology, it never has to become a nightmare. With growing cloud-based services, better bandwidth options and more turnkey solutions there are few added pressures. Picking the right design and installation company and making sure the products you pick are good fits will eliminate many headaches off any IT staff.
  3. “It will kill our face-to-face customer service.”
    Quite the opposite. Quality video conference technology can help you meet and maintain your customer service goals as more and more professionals prefer video conferencing over in-person meetings. As the use of technology changes our communication, people will only get more comfortable and come to expect it. As nearly all smartphone users have built-in ability to video conference, more people are seeing it as commonplace.
  4. “I can be just as productive through audio alone.”
    While quality audio plays an important part in effective communication, it can be very difficult at times to know who is talking and what their real reactions are to what it being said. With audio only, you lose the ability to read body language and facial reactions. If multiple people are in the meeting, knowing who is speaking and who they are addressing their comments to can be tricky; leading to miscommunication and lost time in backtracking to clear things up. While audio plays a big part, it’s best when paired together with video for best results in communication.

While meeting with your customers and prospects face-to-face will always be very important in establishing trust and helping foster a good relationship, sometimes face-to-face isn’t always available. Knowing handshakes and opening doors help to set report, video conferencing can help continue to keep a great working relationship between your team and your clients. Hearing your voice, seeing your face and knowing they are seen and heard will help ensure you are servicing and communicating very effectively with your clients.

Making sure you have the best conference room and meeting space technology for video conferencing ensures you’re ready to service your clients well. Our design team matches your office or meeting space with the latest in video display, distribution equipment and sound to keep your audience captivated. Are you ready to start a conversation with our design team and see what video conferencing technology can do for you?