School technology has made incredible strides in the last 20 years with communications seeing some of the biggest changes in the last decade. In an ever-connected society, education has long needed a solution that connected the district office, all educational facilities as well as every classroom to each other. Today, schools are able to connect every group effectively for emergencies, event management, and everyday communication. Here, we will explore 3 areas where school communication systems are giving customized solutions for announcements, emergency notifications and alarm codes, and bell schedules and classroom requests. 



Weekly, daily, and sometimes hourly, schools need the ability to give announcements across the entire school at the same time to disseminate information. However, sometimes it’s not as clean-up as turning on the mic in the Principal’s office and giving the school-wide announcement. Schools also desire the ability to have more customization of those announcements to ensure the information is effective and accessible. From fully integrated systems to simple, targeted communications, technologies like Telecenter U by Rauland allows for teachers to get assistance without disturbing teaching. Internal communications are then routed directly to the people who need to hear them, eliminating unnecessary ‘noise’ in the learning hours of the day.


Emergency notifications and alarm codes

From individual school facilities to a district-wide lockdown, schools need the ability to customize who they notify and make it clear what the notification means. But, getting the emergency notifications out is only one part of the puzzle. School officials also need a solution that allows for better communication with classrooms during an emergency. Now with networked solutions, emergency check-in notifications can be monitored for classrooms not locked down and allow for calls to continue annunciating until they are answered. With an integrated emergency notification system for schools, administrators can create customized responses that can be immediately relayed via phone, browser or panic button depending on the nature of the scenario.


Bell schedules and classroom requests 

The success of any school or classroom rises and falls on time management. Sophisticated bell systems that synchronize clocks across the district ensure that time truly is on the side of the educator and staff that manage it. With the right communications technology implemented, schools have the ability to play pre-recorded messages or even music before and after school. These systems allow for targeted intercom announcements between periods as well as communication between individual classrooms; thus, reducing the amount of interruptions during classroom instruction.



At one time, integrating new technology into a district meant a large (expensive) overhaul of scrapping all older solutions and starting over with all new technology. These would send school boards, superintendents and taxpayers into panic and they assumed these costs would not be achievable; however, the great news is there are solutions out there for schools that offer flexible migration paths for fully IP, district-wide critical school communication systems. Schools can now plan to upgrade all your schools at once, or over a multi-year plan all while staying in budget and improving your district for the future. 

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