While no one needs to spend more ink on how much Covid-19 changed everything in 2020, there are some innovations and changes we’ve seen that have made our lives a little bit more secure. CCTV (closed-circuit television) technology has seen incredible changes in the last few years as ML (machine learning), AI (artificial intelligence), 4K video resolution and Cloud-based integrations have found their place in security. Last year, organizations around the globe saw their needs heightened for managing social distancing, monitoring occupancy levels and surveilling assets during massive shelter-in-place orders, and all while monitoring all the assets before Covid-19 ever happened.  

CCTV options aren’t one size fits all

At one time, grainy VHS recordings and a few strategically placed cameras got the job done – those days are no more. As technology and needs have advanced, so too have the price tag options. Now with purchase and lease options for CCTV, security solutions are now affordable for all sizes of spaces and needs.

Today, there are many different options based on needs, spaces, elements, etc. Some of those include:


  • Bullet CCTV

Known for its highly recognized design, the Bullet CCTV is a great fit for manufacturing plants, retail stores, farms, schools, and other types of institutes.

  • C-Mount CCTV

A great option for outdoor coverage, this CCTV is best known for short flange distance and to cover a small image format.

  • Day and Night CCTV

This option allows for recording day/lighted hours when there is enough sunlight, and also during the night in total darkness. Day and Night CCTV is a great option for high traffic environments and theft-prone areas.

  • Dome CCTV

Named after their dome shape, Dome CCTV covers 360˚ angles and is ideal for retail spaces, banks, hotels, restaurants, and any large commercial spaces since it is more difficult to interfere with the camera.

  • High-Definition CCTV

Capable of capturing high definition video surveillance footage with such clarity in images and 4K video quality, HD CCTV are mostly used in high-risk areas.

  • IP Network CCTV

This works as a digital video camera that receives control data and sends image data via an IP network. Requiring no local recording device, the only thing required is a local area network.

  •  Infrared and Night Vision CCTV

Giving clear footage even in dark areas makes these kinds of CCTV cameras ideal for banks, large farms, and areas with intense fog, smoke, or dust. 

  • PTZ (Pan Tilt & Zoom) CCTV

With the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom, these types are ideal for large retail environments and areas with high traffic and can be manually controlled with a joystick or monitoring software.

Smarter technology

ML and AI might not be new terms, but they are helping to revolutionize the surveillance industry. With the integration of these technologies, once static and stationary cameras have now become like digital eyes that are able to monitor, detect and alert. 

AI as a digital brain works to assist authorities in spotting crimes or ill-fated events even before they ever occur. From analyzing live footage to enhancing the functionality of surveillance systems these key features are now an essential element of security devices. 


Of course every school, church, or business enjoys the ROI that these technologies have brought to CCTV and surveillance, but there really isn’t a price tag you can put on the peace of mind of knowing your assets are receiving the best preventative and protective care they can get when things are monitored appropriately.    

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