When the original Embassy Suites Hotel and Convention Center in Frisco, Texas was built in 2004, Audio Acoustics designed and installed the audio and visual system. It was our great pleasure in the summer of 2017 that they asked us back to refresh and update the large venue with up-to-date technology.

The venue is a large 45,000 sq. ft. ballroom with nine individual meeting rooms that can be configured as one large room, nine individual rooms or any combination of meeting rooms with adjoining removable walls.

The loudspeaker system was completely replaced with a new Bose DS-100 distributed design. The system consisted of nine separate audio systems that work independently. Then additional zones of loudspeakers are turned on/off automatically when rooms are combined to fill in the areas occupied by the removable walls when they are in place. For audio control, we updated the current Biamp Audia digital signal processor and added new Biamp Red-1 wall controls.

The heart of that automation was replaced with a new AMX control system. The system had one NX-3200 controller and AMX MSD 7″ and 10″ wall touch panels. Wireless technology was added using the Apple iPad app and iPad Touch for control and a new wireless access (WIFI) system.

The older analog video matrix was updated to new technology. The new system design included wall plates and feeds to current projectors that convert the video to digital signals. The new matrix was installed to conveniently allow the users to show projections to rooms individually or to entire room.