The Greene County Courthouse, located in southwest Missouri, is a great example of how vital signage is in public spaces. With a population of just over 280,000 people, the courthouse handles 38,000 new cases a year and was in need of a more efficient way to communicate and schedule.

For many years the courthouse had relied on manual signage, so each day required updating and making changes as the schedule was implemented and/or changed. Audio Acoustics was brought on to upgrade their system so they could use the state-managed digital format. This now allows them to have a network connection to Jefferson City and automated scheduling.

They now have video monitors with media players and software configured to take information fed from the state system and project it locally. We installed five monitors (and two others for additional support) that are grouped together in portrait mode for a large viewing area. Digital signage in the courthouse now provides the public with needed information so they can move through the courthouse with little delay.