In the ever-evolving technological landscape, few industries have experienced as much tech growth as the banking industry. Banks and Financial Institutions knows their patrons desire knowing their investments are secure and want the convenience to access it. This has led to branches, serving as main touch points for the customer base, increasing different technologies to engage customers and increase customer loyalty. One of those technologies is digital signage. Here we will explore 3 ways digital signage is being used inside banks and why the customers like it.

Engage their customers and use it as a teaching tool.
As banks and other FI broaden their offerings to their customers, turning to digital signage (both in and outside of the building) has greatly aided in being a means to talk to their customers about what services they offer. With new banking apps and online services, banks and FI are using digital signage to educate their customers with how to use the new technologies they are offering. This helps to level the playing field for any level or age of their customer base to not only know what new services are now being offered, but also helps gain confidence to use (and enjoy) the new service technologies.

Immediate updates and reduced printing costs.
Nothing can be more frustrating than going through the full process of printing static posters with up-to-date interest rates, services offered or contact information of specific loan officers only to find later that there are now new changes. Digital signage allows banks and FI to give their customers the most up-to-date information at any given time. Should there be any changes in the information, the task of updating this information is quicker and much more cost effective than reprinting new materials. Customers enjoy this because they can know they are looking at the most updated information. Not the most updated information, but should they have any questions over the updates they know they have bank staff there to walk them through any follow-up questions. This could turn a new interest rate change into a conversation on mortgage loans and what this could mean for them buying their first home.

Improve customer service and perceived wait times.
In a world where convenience leads much of the decision making process, sometimes wait times can be a deterrent to customers. With digital signage, the bank is able to help ease any perceived wait time a customer might experience. Promoting new services, entertain with local news and weather, stock information or even engaging games can all serve to ease customers while they wait. Not only does this entertain and inform your customers, but it can also serve to take away any stuffiness felt in a bank lobby and help put them at ease.

The conversation style of banks and FI has undoubtedly changed as technology has lent itself to ATMs, smartphone apps for deposits and online banking. With digital signage, banks are able to continue to offer the technology that increases ease of use, but also have helpful and engaging digital conversations inside the building.

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