The concept and use of nurse call systems is nothing new to the healthcare landscape, but the technology and the ever-growing demands on the systems have seen many changes. As hospitals seek better patient care, quicker response time and overall improved communication it’s crucial to ensure that the nurse call system (introduced into the standard hospital room in the 1960s) is ready for the ever-demanding needs of the hospital. As you search to find the best fit for your hospital’s needs, here are 5 critical questions to ask before purchasing a new nurse call system.

  1. Is it hospital-centric?
    Periodically in the tech development world there can be a great disconnect between those who create the technology and those who actually use the technology. As you research what could be the best fit, don’t let budgets alone be your guide. Find out who developed the call system and if hospital staff were included in development or testing of the system. Getting a system that works and works well, you will want a system that was created with a hospital-centric focus.
  2. Is it user friendly for all who will use it?
    The wide-range of users that use a nurse call system is as broad as those who come in and out of the hospital and those who work in patient care. With a wide-range of ages, abilities, languages spoken, experience..etc, it’s important the learning curve is as basic as possible for when seconds count.
  3. Will it grow as the hospital grows?
    Hospitals are known for places that never stand still and that’s especially true for the technology they use to run their facility. They need technology that will grow and expand as they grow and expand. Picking the right nurse call system means you’ve found something that not only meets the needs of today but has the ability to meet needs tomorrow.
  4. Does the hospital have enough supporting technology to support this system?
    Newer systems typically run on new technology. Wifi, higher bandwidth and wired-in technologies can impact how new systems function (or not function). Some call systems allow for more data tracking on patients and thus need more than just a power cord to operate. Data collection, text communication between patient and nurse and locating devices could be built-in technologies in your new nurse call system, but if your hospital doesn’t have the needed technology to support the new system then you’ll need to evaluate what could be the best solution.
  5. Who will be responsible for maintenance on the system?
    In most cases, equipment and technology needs to be maintained. Knowing who (either on or off your staff) will be in charge of maintaining the system and should any service issues arise will be important in knowing which system will best fit your needs. Have plenty of service-based questions ready to ask so that you have a clear understanding for who will be responsible when time is of the essence.

While the fundamental function of the nurse call system hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years, the technology to provide a more robust system has. With more systems moving toward internet-based solutions for quicker response times and better data-collecting options, those who are responsible for selecting the next nurse call system have a wide range of functionalities to weigh out; with the greatest weight being the well-being of the patients the hospital serves.

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