Screens have revolutionized how we interact with and gain information, ask questions and get solutions. The fact that you’re most likely reading this on your phone, tablet or computer screen is evidence enough that the majority of our informative reading these days happens on screens. As professional organizations, trade associations and the like look for ways to further engage their customer and membership base, digital signage has a lot of value to offer.

From large wall screens to specified kiosks, digital signage has allowed what once was static information to be easily changed, updated and now interactive. We’ve covered the broader benefits of digital signage, where we briefly mentioned donor walls, but here we will dive further in and examine how donor walls are creating engagement.

Ease of use
Beautiful donor walls provide a way to quickly display any updates, name changes or new projects that can be engaged within a very quick manner. With a few clicks names can be added or updated and capital fundraising campaign efforts can be up-to-date. With the ease of use for both your end-user and your back-end user, digital signage provides a way to give your base the most current information. This leads to more engagement because your base knows what they are seeing is new, up-to-date information.

Honoring service and loyalty
With the reduction in print cost and ease of use, finding ways to honor those who have given sacrificially makes donor walls a great fit. From honoring those who are no longer able to give to finding unique ways to highlight the new generation of volunteers; donor walls provide a touching and engaging way to show your appreciation and thanks to those who have invested.

Engage the next generation
The key to any organization is getting the next generation to join in the collective effort. Kiosks and digital wall displays offer a great opportunity to display content that is specific attracting and engaging new membership. A few ways could include:

  • Clear mission statements that invite prospects to learn more in follow-up emails or texts
  • Prospects can interact with beautiful content and compelling stories
  • Engage them in your “why” so they can picture themselves solving problems with your organization.

Engagement of any kind in any organization can be difficult. Finding ways that increase engagement can be challenging, but digital solutions like donor walls offer a way to target specific sectors of your base while helping reduce printing costs and making what once was static now interactive


Is your organization, trade association or company looking for ways to engage your base with digital signage or donor walls? Contact us today and we’d be happy to see what your goals are.