As 2018 begins to wind down and many offices and workspaces start to reflect over the year, so to are they looking forward to what 2019 can hold. As the ever-evolving world of office communication technology continues to shape the business space, we wanted to take a moment to look forward to the trends to watch in the conference and meeting space. Here we will explore how the conference room is evolving and how huddle spaces are changing the landscape.

What is a huddle space?

In contrast to its predecessor the large conference room, huddle room is a smaller, sometimes enclosed meeting space. They are often equipped with much of the same communication technology of large conference space: conference-calling, video conferencing capabilities, but also offer smaller spaces for stand-up meetings, creative brainstorming sessions or recaps.

The large, open floor plan that has been so popular has found its lacking smaller areas for quieter meeting spaces that reduce distractions and cultivate productive activity. A recent study by Frost & Sullivan shows that 50% of all organizations have already deployed some type huddle space in their office and another 30% are making plans to do so in the coming year.

With more companies offering remote work options, stand-up meetings and teleconferencing ever on the rise, the need for smaller, quieter spaces in offices will only increase. As companies look for ways to make remote workers feel included and a teleconference feel closer, huddle work spaces offer a great solution.  

Less is more

While the large executive conference rooms help to cultivate a more corporate feel, huddle rooms lend a quieter, more flexible solution. Away from distraction, this environment leads to getting work done- whether in collaboration or individually; something that millennials look for in a work culture. A common misconception, however, is that these smaller spaces are merely a gathering oasis for simply brainstorming – a vogue movement that will be outdated before the paint drys. Not so.

These smaller spaces are not just carved out offices. These small-but-mighty spaces can be designed and fully equipped with the same communication technology  of a large conference space. They are great for tackling the heavy-hitters that still make business tick:webinars, sales presentations, job interviews, and the list goes on. Modest in size, these spaces make for a  cost-effective option when looking for ways to equip employees with the very best environment to be successful.


Meeting space for any company is important; no matter the size or scope. From presentations, interviews, in-house professional development and meeting communication technology- is a mix of providing the right space and the right technology. As huddle spaces grow in demand and popularity, so will the need to outfit them with the right communication technology.

Is your office space part of the 30% looking to create huddle spaces in 2019?

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