Education in the 21st century has never stood still. From the technological evolution in the age of the Internet to overcoming challenges caused by Covid-19, there has never been idle or stagnant technological growth in the last 30 years. One of the major areas of growth has been in the area of audio visual systems. Here we will review 5 educational spaces and what to consider when upgrading the AV system in that space. 


  1. Gymnasium Sound Systems
    Just the mention of a school gymnasium and it’s easy to recall the incredibly live acoustics in the space. For a space that might house anything from pep assemblies, gym classes, volleyball tournaments or homecoming dances, there are many things to consider when looking to upgrade the AV in the gymnasium. Audio systems designed for gymnasiums, acoustical panels for better acoustic control, video projectors, screens and LED video walls give the space options for the different types of events.
  2. Band and Choir Room Design & Solutions
    Band and choir rooms have drastically changed over the years. As music departments expand the use of electric instrumentation, look to add better recording capabilities and require the best in acoustical panels, there is much to consider when upgrading the school’s band and choir rooms. Musical students are using technology to fine tune their skills with interactive apps and software. Equipping these spaces with the right audio systems, interactive projection systems and interactive LED flat panel displays means a growing music department is ready to compete and create at the highest level.
  3. Audio Video for the Performing Arts
    School auditoriums house a myriad of events in the life of the school. From school performances to community theater and talent shows fundraisers to community use meeting space, the school auditorium sees a lot. With that, this space has to have the versatility to meet the audio visual it could encounter. When upgrading the school auditorium, there needs to be consideration for advanced computer modeling, custom audio systems, video projectors, screens and LED video walls as well as acoustical panels and AV streaming systems. No one wants to sit in a performance and hear constant feedback, poor wireless mic technology or poor streaming connection, so when its time to upgrade the AV system in the auditorium make sure to consider all the events that would take place in that space and what AV needs each event could need or want.
  4. Classroom AV Installations
    Today, more and more schools are now able to offer options for equipping every student with a laptop device, online courses and hybrid learning options. And according to a recent Gallup poll, 53% of teachers say their students use digital learning tools every day to learn.  Expanding tech needs in schools means a more uniform solution for every classroom as a student transitions from class to class throughout the day. Additionally, there are other items to consider in enhancing the classroom AV like voice lift audio systems, interactive projection systems and flat panel displays.
  5. PA Sound System installation for School Stadiums and Outdoor Fields
    Soccer fields, track events, community events and Friday night football games are just some of the few events held in the outdoor fields at school. When upgrading the AV systems outdoors, it’s important to consider not only the weather and elements that could take place but also the trends in how many outdoor school events are now viewed – streaming. Making sure your AV system is ready for streaming and also ready for those at the live event ensures a great experience no matter how you’re taking it in.


Outdated school AV equipment is not only frustrating to use, but it can also limit the creativity and flexibility the school has to offer it’s students. While every budget has to be mindful of their limitations, finding the right AV vendor that will be an ally and help find the best fit for what the school’s needs are can be an invaluable asset – both for the school and for students’ success. 


Is your school’s AV system ready to be upgraded?