There is no denying now; the shoppers have returned. Even before March of 2020, stay-at-orders, and online pick-up ordering became normative, much planning in the retail world had begun to bring back the shoppers into the stores. Despite incredible setbacks due to Covid-19, retail stores large and small had been putting incredible efforts in to giving shoppers a reason to come in and engage all five senses into the buying experience. 

Incredible brands like Walmart had been creating test markets modeled after airports; merging clear categories for ease of navigation with a digital experience like Scan & Go checkout well before Covid-19 forced everyone to shelter-in-place. And though brands like Amazon have long brought a popular sense of ease and convenience to the buying experience, it’s clear; shoppers miss the in-store experience. While impressive shipping times and “add to cart” make things easy, shoppers have noted they desire the instant satisfaction of touching a product, looking it over and the ability to leave with their purchase on the same day. But besides that, what’s bringing the shopper into the store? 

The research is clear – retailers have to give shoppers an elevated experience they can’t get with a click. Traditional brick and mortar have to find ways to embrace more omnichannel options that give them more of a brick and click experience. How are they doing this? Let’s explore three findings:

  1. Amping up their BOPIS (buy online, pick up in-store) options. In a recent study, 33% of consumers enjoyed Click and Collect options and hoped to continue to use this service moving forward. 
  2. In that same study by MOOD Media, those surveyed noted the top 3 drivers in returning to the in-store experience was the ability to feel, touch and try products, the convenience of taking the purchase home immediately and the ability to browse and discover new things. 
  3. While 80% of shoppers say they feel very comfortable returning to physical stores, 38% like stores who still offer things like hand sanitizer stations and other preventative measures to help keep people healthy. 

While retailers work to create safe and engaging shopping (and working) environments, they don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Let’s explore three solutions MOOD Media provides to help create safe and engaging shopping experiences:

  • Sight Solutions

Digital signage, video walls and satellite tv options help to engage customers and help to both educate and entertain customers while they shop. For some shoppers, it’s been awhile since they have been inside a store that’s been revamped since Covid-19. Digital signage solutions allow the retailer to be communicating with their shoppers while keeping a healthy social distance; helping to reassure of cleaning measures that are being taken as well as where they can find the new products. 

  • Sound Solutions

Countless studies have shown the impact music has on people, but with a recent study on how music has impacted the age of Covid-19, now more than ever retailers need to provide the right music to the right audience. Music can calm fears, invoke memories of simpler times and make a shopper linger just a few more minutes to hear the rest of the song. Not only can music help to reassure shoppers, but sound solutions can also provide Covid-19 messaging for general awareness. Well produced messaging can work to not only help educate shoppers and employees alike on health and safety measures, but also create assurance that the store cares about them.

  • Systems Solutions

Audiovisual systems, in-store messaging and sound masking helps to work together to create an atmosphere that makes the shopper want to walk around and engage. An audiovisual system means that every inch of a store has equal balance in both sound and sight so there aren’t any “hot spots” or “dead spots”, creating an inclusive environment. Of the things that shoppers noted they missed the most with in-store shopping was getting to experience it with friends and family was in the top three. A visually engaging, all encompassing environment creates a space that is fun to share.


In-store shopping is being revitalized and the common thread tying it all together is technology. Retailers have an incredible opportunity to give eager shoppers an in-store experience that’s safe, engaging and the thing that many have longed for since 2020; the chance to feel normal and make new memories with their loved ones. MOOD Media has created a line of solutions for retailers to give shoppers the experience they can’t have online. Are you ready to revitalize the customer experience in your retail store? Contact us today to see how Mood Media can help you engage with your shoppers.