The the concept of the nurse call system has been around as long as patients have been given bells to notify a caretaker they are in need. Over that time, as the technology has evolved, many names have become synonyms for the system: nurse call, call light and nurse buzzer to name a few. But as technology has changed at breakneck speed we ask the question, “have we seen a product that hasn’t been able to evolve?”

The answer, like many things, is both yes and no. In this article we will talk about the future of the nurse call system that is helping healthcare plan for the future and what the nurse call system field can do to keep its place in patient-nurse communication.


  • Nurse calls must be interoperable


We’ve written on the importance of interoperability in healthcare communication technology before. As hospitals and healthcare facilities are tasked with (and desire) achieving interoperability, its pertinent that nurse call systems have a way to be also. A nurse call system that can “talk” to other devices in the hospital and allow analytics provides a technological piece that is not only a great communication device but also a device that can continue to grow. Having an interoperable nurse call system insures a device system will have good longevity.


  • Nurse calls must have mobility


In today’s medical landscape, if it’s not mobile or wireless its not going stay long. A sure way for any medical communication piece to find its way in the obsolete pile is to be clunky and stationary. As more app-based functionalities become available, nurse call systems that function on smart-technology limit the training time and level of comfort as more and more people become familiar with handheld smart devices.


  • Nurse calls must provide data for improved work flows


Being able to provide evidence-based data for asset tracking and better workflows are not only more desirable in providing better care, in many parts of healthcare it’s becoming required. As more HCAHPS scores and payouts are being tied to patient satisfaction, being able to provide the best patient-nurse and data-doctor communication means having the right technology. Nurse call systems of the past that can’t aid in providing data has become something for museums while systems that provide evidence-based data prove their worth time and again.


  • Nurse calls must be communication focused to provide the best care


Having technology that is clunky and hard to use is frustrating no matter what side of the hospital bed you find yourself. As a patient, you want to know that your needs are being expressed no matter your communication ability. As a nurse, you want to know that you’re providing the very best care and that your patient is being taken care of no matter their communication ability. Non-verbal, limited mobility or even critical care come with different challenges the traditional communication devices may not work for. Nurse call systems that take these needs (as well as other communication considerations) are able to give both the nurse and the patient peace of mind. Communication systems that provide for a wide-range of needs, are easy to use and provide peace of mind are more likely to carry a hospital into the next phase of their technological needs than outdated systems that are in constant need of repair or are out of date.  

Sometimes we can become very comfortable (and even nostalgic) with outdated technology because we know how it works and what it does and have no desire to change. While these preferences aren’t wrong there could come a time that the level of care given isn’t what it could or should be. Knowing how and when to evolve and adopt new technology can be a large undertaking but finding the right source to guide the process could mean offering better care and communication for patients and health staff.

Products like the Rauland Responder 5 and 5000 nurse call systems allow for state-of-the-art communication in any healthcare facility while being an established brand who understands the history and importance of nurse communications.

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