The digital signage industry is now a $16 billion dollar industry with no slow-down in sight. As digital signage moves forward in taking over older stagnate printed signage, so have other waves of technology like machine learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence). These can be broad terms, but examples that we encounter everyday come in the form of online shopping recommendations, Siri, Alexa, Google search…etc. As these technologies become more and more a part of everyday life, end users grow more expectant for products to give more than just information; they want an experience. Giving your customers customizable content when and where they are can be a significant game changer in sales and conversion rates, but giving them a personal interactive experience can bring them back for return sales. Here we will explore two major trends in digital displays that is giving customers a great user experience: sleek, slim design and solid content.

Sleek, slim displays
Part of having the right kind of video signage begins with having the right kind of display. Providing screens that are sleek and slim give a modern feel to the location. Having screens that aren’t clunky and stick out like sore thumbs, but rather fit in to the overall design create a seamless experience for the user. With 2.5 billion smartphone users, customers are attracted to sleek, slim signage that match their smartphone look and feel. Thicker, clunkier displays give off an “out-of-date” vibe and could lead your customers to think that the information contained on the display is outdated as well; thus, walking right passed and not engaging with the content.

Content, Content, Content
You’ve heard the real estate phrase, “Location, location, location” and while location of video boards is very important, it’s also vital to make sure what you’re putting on the displays is engaging. Below, we gathered up three growing content trends that are making things like donor walls and menu boards more engaging than stagnant content.

Personalized content
Providing engaging content can be tough when you don’t know who your audience is or what they are wanting to see. Using AI in your digital signage takes what could be static, scrolling content and makes it an engaging experience with the individual user in mind. Help the customer plan their day at the event, gather likes and dislikes and help give tailored suggestions or exchange information with the user to send them notifications or suggestions even after they leave the digital display.

Smart content
Giving your customers “news they can use” in the moment allows them to engage with your displays in a way they wouldn’t with static content. Giving your customers live traffic updates and offering alternative routes or weather updates while highlighting products you sell that help fight weather extremes (cold beverages on a hot day) helps use the most current in your digital displays to engage your customers and help them solve problems. In a large event center, giving line expectations or information on tickets that are about to sell out creates an environment that teaches customers that they should be looking for video signs; that what’s on them is up-to-date and pertinent to their day.

Interactive content
Providing an interactive experience gives your customers more reason to stop and interact with your brand. As stated earlier, with 2.6 billion smartphone users (and growing) people are used to touching and interacting with screens. Learning sometime knew from an interactive educational display at the science center, unlocking discount codes through interactive games or placing an order all on the interactive menu board engage (and train) your customers in a way that static information does not.

As smart and AI technology continues to grow and become part of our everyday lives, customers have come to expect an experience that delivers an interactive exchange. Are you looking to give your customers a digital signage experience that draw them in and causes them to return?

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