Springfield, Missouri – October 2022 – Audio Acoustics, an audio, visual and communications company based in Springfield, Missouri for more than 50 years, announced recently a new membership with the Missouri Association of Rural Education. While Audio Acoustics might be a newcomer to the MARE family, the company is no stranger to the rural schools of Missouri.   


According to company president Jon Baker, “Over the years, we’ve been able to work with over 400 schools with many of those in rural areas of Missouri.” This work has ranged from intercoms, pro-audio systems to anything needed inside a single classroom. 


This new membership with Missouri Association of Rural Education is seen as an aligning of values for Audio Acoustics. Known as a generous organization that seeks to give back to the community by giving the very best to Missouri’s rural schools, Audio Acoustics is excited to join in these efforts. As a premier distributor of Telecenter U® by Rauland, Audio Acoustics is also able to bring the best in safety alert communications to schools of every shape and budget. 


Audio Acoustics looks forward to this membership and seeks to help MARE accomplish its goals for the future. 


About Audio Acoustics

Audio Acoustics, Inc. is a complete professional audio, video and communications supplier. Established in 1968, they install systems in all kinds of schools for alert, announcement and intercom systems as well as end-to-end pro-audio visual systems for school auditoriums, stadiums and any kind of multi-purpose space. 


About MARE

The Missouri Association of Rural Education is an association of school administrators, board members, teachers, parents, institutions of higher education, businessmen and women — all who are interested in serving rural community school districts in Missouri. Started in 1987, MARE’s purpose has always been to focus on the needs and concerns unique to rural education, to provide a forum for the discussion and resolution of those needs and concerns, and to present a unified voice to promote rural education in Missouri.


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