Processes. While every industry relies on processes that are put into place, few are as critical as the processes followed in the acute healthcare field. Everyday, healthcare professionals rely on processes to help meet the needs of their patients. Processes for intake, examinations, and room-checks all require a solid, tried-and-true processes. But how do you communicate en masse so that everyone knows what process to follow? Every staff member might be trained on knowing what to do in the event of a tornado, but how are they alerted to when and how will they know? 


Here we will explore three different use cases where automated mass notifications integrated with nurse call systems are able to immediately alert with overhead paging, and playing an automated message with just the push of a button – all while helping to create success in the acute care environment. 


  • Changes in the weather

Depending on where you live, many times weather conditions can change very quickly. What started as a bright and sunny day as staff entered the building might have turned into a dark and stormy afternoon. Most staff aren’t able to stay “weather aware” and need a way to know when they need to follow the process for getting patients and themselves to safety when threatening weather strikes. Telecenter U® integrates seamlessly with the Rauland Responder® 5 nurse call system and includes best-in-class emergency communications that make it easy to identify situations, initiate announcements and provide directions in any crisis situation. 


  • Cryptic codes

Every acute care environment depends upon cryptic codes or different calls that allow staff to know what is going on (Code Red, Code Silver, etc.). Telecenter U® also offers visual mapping for such events. This offers a real-time visual of the entire acute campus, as well as the floor plan of the hospital. Further, authorized users can instantly visualize the locations of cryptic calls without having any locations announced via public address. This allows security to identify active emergencies from a web browser.


  • Emergency safety 

In times of crisis, seconds count. From fires to active shooters– no one wants to be in these types of situations, but when these things do happen you want to be able to communicate quickly, clearly, and calmly to everyone. Since Telecenter U® is designed to interface with the Responder® 5 nurse call system, connections from the door and fire alarm systems are fully integrated within the acute care environment.



These three use cases aren’t the only ones seeing the benefits of having an automated mass notification system into their nurse call system. Since Telecenter U® is capable of initiating a large sequence of events that can be initiated manually or automatically – by phone, dedicated console, mobile app, web page or dedicated panic button, the options are many, depending on your environment’s processes. Sequences can consist of pre-recorded audio messages or tones, visual messages to message boards, emails and interfaces to other systems.


Are you ready to see how Telecenter U®, combined with your existing Rauland Responder® 5 nurse call system can provide an end-to-end solution for all messaging needs, integrating traditional paging and intercom functions and success to your acute care environment?