Quick service restaurant owners are constantly looking for ways to engage their customers, give them quick, quality service and hopefully secure customer loyalty for return visits. Additionally, with the FDA making new changes in recent years over chained restaurants displaying health information on everything that is served, QSRs have started turning toward more digital signage. Digital signage not only helps meet FDA standards, but also helps to engage customers in a way static signage does not, and has started to change the way QSRs talk to their customers. Here we will explore some of the ways digital signage is changing your QSR.

Improved customer service.

The QSR owner knows from the moment the customer walks in or pulls into the drive-thru, a conversation has started. Instead of offering limited static menu choices, digital signage is telling them what is currently available for the day, what the calorie count is and any special dietary information (like dairy, nuts, gluten). This helps the customer solidify what they are going to order so when it’s time, it’s done in a timely fashion. Digital signage allows rotating and quickly updated information that static signage does not. This allows for you to increase the amount of information you give your customer before placing their order.

Engaging conversation.

As stated above, with digital signage the conversation with the customer starts much earlier and can be much more thorough. As the digital age increases our use and enjoyment of technology, digital signage allows a new kind of interaction with your customer that is both for service and entertainment. Interactive games that could win the customer a promo code, send them push notifications to their smartphone or dynamic ordering all change the customer experience from the traditional counter order service. And when done correctly, helps to engage a conversation that leads to customer loyalty.

Promote loyalty.

Before digital signage, there were really only two ways to get your order into a QSR; counter or drive-thru. With digital signage, now the customer has other options through ordering kiosks and mobile devices. In a landscape where most choices are based on speed and convenience, digital signage can promote loyalty by giving more ordering-style options without sacrificing customer service. Customer-facing digital signage allows for them to know that what they’ve communicated and their order is exactly what they wanted. Not just in customization (hold the onions), but also allows them to see the total price of their order. All these together are improving the customer experience and leading to greater customer loyalty.

Requirements and changes by the FDA are most likely not going away or slowing down, and neither are customers enjoyment and use of technology. Digital signage in QSRs not only help the owner provide the most up-to-date health information, but also engage their customers in way that meets them right where they are in a timely manner; making digital signage both a solution for compliance and convenience.

If you would like to know more about how digital signage can work for you, contact us to start a conversation. Our team of designers can customize a plan and provide a turnkey solution for any application.