Most people have their favorite store they love to linger in when they shop. Foodies have their favorite grocery stores and techies have their favorite gadget stores. Stores that, if given the chance, they could spend all day (and their money) taking in all it has to offer. But how does a store owner cultivate an enticing environment that promotes longer shopping regardless of the shoppers propensity? Knowing that longer shopping leads to higher profits, retailers have a lot to consider in their customer’s shopping experience beyond merchandising and product placement. Here we will explore some key things retailers can consider and implement into their store to create the atmosphere that gets customers to shop longer.

Captivate their senses.

Our senses help us gather information of our surroundings and can tie us to pleasant (or not so pleasant) feelings and thoughts. Scent, sight, touch, sound and taste all hold the power to hold a customer longer or push them out the door. This could mean having taste samples at the entrance, warm scents of the season lightly filling the air or slow tempoed music that doesn’t leave them feeling hurried or rush to get out of the store. This helps sets a tone for the shopper that engages their senses and makes them want to stay longer and experience more of the store.

Talk to them and let them talk to you.

It’s hard for a retailer to be everywhere in the store answering any questions the shoppers may have about sales, products, upcoming events..etc. Incorporating things like in-store messaging and shopper assistance call buttons provides an outlet to explain, educate or promote. This allows the customer to gain better insight and prompt them to think about other purchases they might not have otherwise thought about, been too shy to ask about or feel more comfortable purchasing because of questions answered.

Engaging digital signage.

With digital signage in your store, you are able to interact with your visitors and help them solve problems. Demonstrations on how to use products, directory maps to guide them, interactive games they can play or download all engage your customers and peak their interest to linger in your store longer.

Layout for impulse buy.

Shopping doesn’t have to end once the customer is in the checkout line, and statistically it doesn’t. One of the more interesting things about impulse buying (and there are plenty of statistics to look over) is that it’s not limited to any demographic that comes into your store. Age, experience, number of times in your store; all are open to and have engaged in some level of impulse buying, so make sure your layout caters to those who are waiting in line.

Right music selection.

In a previous blog post we talked about things to consider when looking at the best music with one of the main goals being to promote longer shopping. Selecting music that promotes customers to shop longer means finding music that doesn’t push them out the door or make them grow anxious while waiting in the checkout line. Much of this comes with knowing who your customers are and what they like to listen to, and all while finding the right volume. The right volume could encourage them to lightly sing along to their favorite chorus and still have a conversation with their shopping companions.

While customers are in your store they are already spending the most valuable thing they possess; their time. If, during their time in your store, they can chalk it up to a pleasant experience that they enjoyed and not a waste of their time, then chances are you’ve won over a loyal customer.

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