But for a rare exception, very few people enjoy being in a car dealership or automotive repair shop. However, with over 220 million drivers on the road in the US, the chances of needing to visit an auto shop are highly likely. Anything ranging from getting new tires, having a recall addressed in a service department or the big decision of buying a new vehicle- finding yourself in a dealership or auto shop is unavoidable. According to a recent study, Millennials expressed their disdain for the dealership experience. Respondents indicated they would rather clean their homes, wait in line at the DMV or do their taxes instead of visiting a dealership. Nearly a quarter of Gen X respondents, ages 35-44, said they would rather get a root canal than negotiate with a car dealer.


Why the dread? Large purchases, expensive repair bills or even just the uncertainty can raise anyone’s anxiety. One way car dealerships are helping to put their customers at ease is with MOOD Media – giving what could be dreadful trips to the dealership a more warm, personal touch. 


Scent Marketing in Car Dealerships

One way MOOD Media is helping to ease the stigma of car dealerships is with scent diffusion solutions. This doesn’t just make an area smell pleasing, but it also makes a connection. If an average person can recall 65% after an experience based on smell alone, then what experience do you want customers remembering from your dealership? Seasonal scents like gingerbread at Christmas time or disarming, welcoming scents like homemade chocolate chip cookies have been used with great success in dealerships. With scent being the strongest of the five senses, scent marketing helps to establish a connection with customers before they even meet a member of the sales team or service department. 


Music Marketing in Car Dealerships

Playing music in a business is nothing new, but careful attention to what is being played is vital. While it might sound easier to just pipe the radio into the main showroom, this is less than ideal when looking to create a connection with a customer. Generic radio stations could be playing music the customer finds inappropriate or agitating, and hearing competing dealership commercials over the airwaves is not ideal when trying to build confidence and report. MOOD Music allows for tailored song lists, personalized messaging and sound zones to make sure volumes are balanced no matter where a customer might be in the dealership.


Digital Signage in Car Dealerships

While music covers what the customers hear, digital signage connects to what your customers see. From up-to-date wait times in the service department, new job listings inside the dealership to fun or informative TV, digital signage helps to update, inform and entertain your customers. Just like the custom music playlists and messaging from music marketing, MOOD digital signage allows dealerships to avoid any offensive TV content that might be found in basic cable as well as ads from competing dealerships in town. Digital service menu boards allow for customers to know upfront the services offered as well as the price, giving peace of mind. This kind of visual engagement allows dealerships to be connecting with their customers and building trust, even when a physical representative of the dealership has stepped away.



These touches of personalization might seem too small to make a difference, but buyers are asking for it. The buyer’s journey is now a personal one. If a buyer comes ready to spend upwards of $45,000 or more on a new vehicle, they will expect the dealership to know something about the buyer and connect with the buyer. MOOD Media allows dealerships to create environments that help make those connections and remove the stigma and the dread of the dealership.


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