For all schools, no matter their size or scope, keeping students safe is a top priority. More than ever, school districts are looking for ways to promote safety in and around their buildings and to make sure students, parents and faculty feel safe. One place districts are looking to promote this is their communication systems. Integrated audio, visual and communication systems in the school can help increase communication, increase productivity and promote safety in your school. These integrations can help notify students, faculty and visitors of emergencies, abrupt schedule changes and quickly inform them what they need to do for their protection. Here are 3 integrations that can be implemented to promote safety in your school.

  1. Master synchronization clocks

    More often than not in a school building there are different groups of students moving around in the school at different times and for different increments. Multiple lunch periods, double block classes and P.E. dress-out can all impact when different groups of students are moving throughout the building and need to happen at uniform, specific times. Master synchronization allows your building to be set to a master time keeper, so that everyone knows where they are supposed to be and when. This helps to not only establish organization and good stewardship of the school day, but also helps to promote general traffic safety as students move about the building at the correct times.

  2. Digital signage

    With most digital information inside the school building being gated with log-ins and passwords, it can take up precious time to spread information through emails and memos when seconds count. Digital signage allows for quick, ungated information to be spread and readable to all in the building, not just those with log-in credentials. Maps, sudden schedule changes and emergency alerts on digital signs help direct those in the building with what actions should be taken and where they should go when time is of the essence.

  3. Integrated bell and intercom system

    Having an integrated bell and intercom system allows the school to communicate with specified areas within the building to specified groups with targeted messages. Signaling when the class period has ended, differentiated emergency alarms or allowing a classroom teacher to page the main office for help; integrated bell and intercom systems allow for quick information to be passed back and forth in a reliable manner.

While every school is different with their own unique set of needs and requirements, all schools can relate to the need to ensure safety to all who come through their doors. Increasing communications inside your school helps to promote safety not just in the general classroom, but throughout the whole building; ensuring the safety of everyone no matter how well they know the building or procedures.

We offer easy to use systems for mass notifications in all types of emergency situations and total classroom solutions with hands-free intercom, comprehensive media management and priority communication that allow administrators and teachers to communicate when time is precious.

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