Rauland Responder 5000

The Responder® 5000 Application is web-based software with several different modules that allow facilities to enhance the Responder 5000 Nurse Call System in multiple ways. The Application provides customizable activities boards to caregivers for a clear view of the Responder 5000 nurse call activities in real time on a unit or multiple units. It provides room and resident management tools for operational support. A reporting module provides the longer term picture of the facility and the way nursing and resident’s requests are met. Finally, an administration module provides tools for user management and overall customizations for the application.

View Nurse Call Activities in Real Time

The Activity Board is the centerpiece of the Responder® 5000 Application. It allows staff members with proper access rights to view the nurse call activities within a facility in real time. The Activity Board views can be customized by selecting from eleven different data elements to display location, resident and physician information. Furthermore, an Activity Board can be customized to display selected active calls from one or multiple units within a facility. This is a great solution for facilities implementing a centralized nurse call triage area. Font colors, font sizes, font styles and use of tones can be customized for each Activity Board, as well.

Automate Reporting Tasks to Give Staff More Time

The Reports module provides five different reports that cover in summary or detail all the historical staff response goals and nurse call activities from units, rooms/bed and resident within a facility. The Reports module offers a reporting templating feature that allows staff members to configure and save reports to be used at a later date eliminating the need of reconfiguring the report. One of the most robust features of the Reports module is the recurring reporting mechanism that allows for any of the five reports to be configured, generated and delivered automatically via email on specific days of the week to staff members.

Easily Manage Resident Detail Views

Responder 5000 offers a module that allows facilities to manage residents by displaying a compact view of all residents within a facility. It includes the ability to add or edit resident personal information and location information anytime as needed by staff members with proper access. As resident information is added to the system, the data will be available for use in other Responder 5000 Application modules like Activity Board and Reports, as well.

Control Process Flow with Robust Administration Tools

The Responder 5000 Application provides a robust administration module that allows for user management, activity board management and overall settings of the system to be maintained. The user management section of the module allows administrators of the system to manage the staff members’ information, authentication credentials, access to the system, access to resident detail information and access to activity boards from different units of the facility. The activity board management section of the module allows administrators to create and manage custom activity boards, where administrators can select what location and resident information, units to be displayed, call types, font colors, font sizes, font styles and tones that will be used for an activity board.

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Audio Acoustics, Inc. services skilled nurse care facilities of all sizes. We can work with you during the design and build process to ensure that your nurse call systems will meet your needs while planning for the future. We are also able to evaluate and work with your existing nurse call system for a hassle-free upgrading experience. We consider your needs and your budget to design the system that’s right for you. We have a dedicated in-house team that services our skilled nurse care facilities to ensure they are communicating effectively with their patients.

Rauland nurse call systems set the standard of excellence in the medical industry; they are intuitive, completely scalable and absolutely reliable. Since studies show quiet environments promote better healing, Rauland nurse call systems are designed to minimize overhead paging, promote more specified communication and help foster better living environments.

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