RTLS stands for real-time location system that can show, in real time, where an asset, individual, vehicle or other object is located. RFID stands for radio frequency identification, and many real-time location systems use active RFID technology. Active tags send out signals and antennas pick up those signals. From there, software then calculates each tagged object’s position. While RTLS solutions are used in different fields for different purposes, they have changed the healthcare field for the better. In the 1990’s as healthcare facilities became larger, healthcare technology became more advanced and as healthcare communication needs increased, RTLS technology found a home in overall healthcare tracking. As the technology has advanced greatly over the last few decades, so has the need for healthcare facilities (large and small) to track and keep data on people and things. From personnel and patients to equipment and inventory, RTLS helps any healthcare facility know exactly where people and things are in real-time.

A well-selected RTLS solution can help solve a number of hospital and long-term care facility issues. We’ve selected 4 of the most common hurdles:

  • Personnel tracking
  • Asset tracking
  • Legal compliance
  • Inventory management
  • Financial queries


Personnel tracking
Quality personnel tracking doesn’t just mean you know where your staff are at all times; rather, now you are able to funnel queries to a staff member at times that are convenient to both parties. Knowing where your staff members are allows you to provide the quickest care in any facility, but it also helps provide safety and security for long-term care facilities. 

“I have a question for Dr. Jones, but it isn’t urgent enough to interrupt her right now. I can wait until I get a  notification that she’s on my floor, then I’ll talk to her.”


Asset tracking
Hospitals are large and constantly working. Nursing homes provide around-the-clock care to residents. When medical equipment is needed to provide care, there simply isn’t time to waste looking for crucial machines and devices. Asset tracking with RTLS means that care staff are able to find whatever equipment they need, and quickly. Medical equipment accounts for 17% of the hospitals overall expenses. RTLS asset tracking means that healthcare 

“We need to know where the portable CT machine is ASAP!”


Legal compliance
HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) scores and overall legal documentation that hospitals need can be daunting to provide and collect. RTLS solutions allow a nursing home or hospital to have the data they need for compliance. As well as ensure the safety and care of all their patients and staff. 

“Can you provide documented interactions this staff member had with this patient?”


Inventory management
Setting up stock management system workflows, check-in and check-out for custodianship, and recording depreciation of perishable hospital tools and equipment are just some of the ways RTLS solutions help healthcare facilities manage their inventory effectively and efficiently.

“How can I automatically set and manage my perishable inventory with minimal staff involvement?”


From monitoring wandering behavior to keeping tight reigns on inventory, every healthcare facility needs to know where their assets are to provide the best care possible. RTLS helps join any healthcare facility – from the largest hospitals to the rural long-term care nursing home – in their goals of bringing the best in health and safety to their patients and staff.

Is your hospital or long-term care facility needing help in better tracking all its assets? Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced healthcare team members and see what your options could look like.