For any restaurant, convenience store or grocery store– security is a big deal. Any owner needs the ability to track and manage inventory shrink, as well as keep employees and customers safe through prevention. In 2018, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimated that businesses tend to lose about 5% of their annual revenue to employees. Small businesses (less than 150 employees) are the most vulnerable to this. The reason for this gap is largely attributed to lack of a solid video surveillance solution that gives owners a better view of what’s going on in their store. 


What’s the likelihood that your business will fall victim to theft? According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 75% of employees have stolen from their employer at least once. The Chamber also found that up to 30% of business failures may be the result of employee fraud and abuse. The greatest defense to this is a great offense– a CCTV video surveillance system that can prevent theft and capture quality video. Unfortunately, many store owners don’t have the proper equipment to fully capture their entire store properly and are in need of upgrading their system. Here, we will explore 3 things to consider when upgrading your store’s CCTV system to ensure the best possible results:


  1. Coverage 
  2. Durability 
  3. Leasing options 



While it might seem obvious that in order to have a successful video surveillance system set up in your business, many systems currently do not. When looking to upgrade your current CCTV system, it’s important to have the right kind of coverage in the right kind of areas. Outside cameras are subject to light changes throughout the day (natural sunlight and outdoor flood lights) and as doors open and close, it’s important that you’re capturing the right subject at the right time. The wrong placement of your security cameras could mean that shadows and opened doors could block out vital information. Even when coverage has been properly assessed and a store has cameras in all the right places, it is just one part of the CCTV puzzle. 



What could be worse than knowing there has been an incident in your store and needing to have the video evidence only to find out those cameras weren’t working at the time? While many store owners look for ways to save money, it sometimes comes at the cost of a video surveillance solution that’s not able to hold up over time. When a store owner is ready to upgrade the CCTV system, it’s important to invest in a system that’s built to weather the elements of outdoor and indoor use and can be counted on to work when it matters most. While most store owners know the importance of investing in a durable CCTV system, it’s another thing to evaluate the cost. This brings up our final consideration when upgrading your CCTV– options. 


Leasing Options

CCTV is an investment back into the larger investment of your store’s assets, but store owners still have budgets and time investments to consider when looking to upgrade a CCTV system. In recent years, leasing options with a trusted vendor has not only allowed for store owners to have more options in CCTV options, but it has also taken much of the equipment management off their plate. Having a trusted CCTV vendor means a store owner has the expertise of making sure they have the best coverage, durable equipment and if there are any issues, they have someone they can call to address it quickly. 



No store owner wants to leave the literal or proverbial door open to product loss or shrinkage. Failing to have a CCTV system that’s fully covering your business and fully operational means large profit loss and a lack of prevention for both you and your employees.


Is your restaurant, grocery store or C-store ready to upgrade your CCTV? Audio Acoustics is able to evaluate, install and support your CCTV video surveillance system. Call us today to see what CCTV leasing options could look like for you.