Assisted Living

Audio Acoustics designs, installs and supports a variety of senior care housing for their audio, visual and healthcare communication needs. From nurse call systems to Mood Media services and CCTV and surveillance services – Audio Acoustics is able to customize solutions for the growing needs of senior living campuses. One segment of housing Audio Acoustics services are senior and assisted living facilities.

Living Independently

Assisted living, independent living and continuing care retirement facilities all have need for some kind of facility-wide call system. These systems allow any resident a way to communicate with emergency personnel or some other kind of response staff while still enjoying independence in their residence. Having a trusted, intuitive call system allows any resident to live independently while also having the peace of mind that if they needed to communicate with a caregiver quickly they could. Audio Acoustics offers a wide-variety of mobile, visual and pendent solutions that give peace of mind to both the resident and their family while respecting the privacy and dignity of the resident. To read more on the nurse call options we offer, click here.

Entertainment Options

In addition to healthcare communications, Audio Acoustics offers a full range of professional audio and video systems for a full gamut of entertainment options for residents. From movie and entertainment rooms to distributed tv systems, Audio Acoustics is able to accomodate any space with the right touch for entertaining; for both the whole community and the individual.

Looking to provide an environment that promotes a comfortable atmosphere? Audio Acoustics is able to customize the right Mood Music in any type of assisted living facility in any space including common areas, lobbies or community centers. With Mood Music services, Audio Acoustics is able to provide the flexibility of tailored music that fits seasons, themes or holidays.  

Secure and Safe Environment

Assisted living environments can have unique security needs. Audio Acoustics is able to help you review those needs and find the right options for your residents. Some of those options for assisted living can include:

  • Security camera systems (CCTV)
  • Pull-cords options
  • Building maintenance integrations
  • Emergency call systems
  • Fall management
  • Activity of Daily Living (or ADLs)
  • Pendant locating

As seniors (and their loved ones) search for housing options that best meet their needs, so are assisted living facilities looking for audio, visual and healthcare communications that keep their residents happy and healthy. With over 50 years in business, Audio Acoustics is able to design, create and support both professional audio-visual and healthcare communications that fit any assisted or independent living facility.