Ahead of the class – Schools

The needs of every school, college or university is different. Audio Acoustics has worked with a wide array of schools in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas with unique audio, visual and communication needs. We can improve communications within your school with a service as simple as synchronizing clocks and class bells. We can add custom signals – such as a five minute warning bell in the gymnasium without disrupting the rest of the school. We can create custom solutions such as using a single media portal to integrate digital media into curricula and connect departments within your school, and your school to the entire district.

Intercom Systems

We also offer easy to use systems for mass notifications in all types of emergency situations and total classroom solutions with hands-free intercom, comprehensive media management and priority communication, which allows administrators to override all other material with important announcements.


There’s no doubt that everything operates more smoothly when everyone is on the same schedule. For schools, a simple change like synchronizing clocks saves money and valuable classroom time.

We also offer solutions through Rauland that make a tremendous difference in the way educational institutions operate. The equipment and services we provide are easily integrated into existing systems in a single school or an entire district.

» Atomic Time Synchronization and Master Clocks

Keep everyone on schedule. We install synchronization systems and Master Clocks from Rauland that integrate with your existing Rauland clocks and most clocks from other vendors.

» Analog or Digital Secondary Clocks

We offer a complete line of clocks in 12 or 24-hour dials and multiple sizes. Our clocks may be wall-mounted or suspended from the ceiling.

» Clock System Add-ons

We install power supplies and other system accessories in conjunction with our clock systems. A qualified Audio Acoustics technician can tell you more.


Discovering the arts is a large part of the educational experience. From sound systems to lighting systems, microphones to sound masking; having an auditorium that’s equipped to cultivate a creative space for students to grow is vital. Audio Acoustics has worked with a myriad of schools (primary, secondary and higher) in Southwest Missouri to provide customized audio-visual solutions in their auditoriums.


From Friday night lights to outdoor community events, stadiums can host a variety of activity. Audio Acoustics is able to equip any stadium with a design and implementation that best fits your stadium and within budget. We understand the variables that comes with outdoor sound equipment and working within budgets; and we know how to deliver on both.