Clinics cover many areas in the arena of healthcare. They provide a specific place to receive preventative, maintenance and treatment care that promote an overall decrease in healthcare costs per year. Just as clinics service many facets of healthcare, Audio Acoustics offers many different services for these clinics to run efficiently, safely and securely. A few of the ways Audio Acoustics stands to help solve problems for clinics is through healthcare communications and asset tracking, listening and entertainment services and safety and security services.

Types of clinics can include:

  • Dental
  • Medical
  • Urgent Care
  • Eye/Vision
  • Private and group practices
  • Specialty
  • Walk-in


Communication and Asset Tracking

From the moment a patient picks up the phone to engage with a clinic, clinics have the opportunity to set a tone of the kind of care they can expect. Custom on-hold messaging helps to continue communication with a patient and reinforce your brand and ensure the patient that even on-hold, their care is important. A smart paging and intercom systems allows a clinic to communicate with the entire facility with the ability to talk to specific areas. In situations where a clinic has a pharmacy or other in-house area that needs to be reached with privacy in mind, custom paging and intercom services offer a smart and intuitive solution. Additionally, part of successful communication in any clinic is being able to track your assets. Real Time Locating Services (RTLS) allows a clinic manager or healthcare provider know where equipment is at all times and provides analytics on vital life-saving units. Noise can be an issue in any healthcare space, and Audio Acoustics is able to design and deploy conference and meeting spaces that help to muffle sound and secure sound. 


Listening and Entertainment Services

As clinics cover an array of needs, one common need they all have is the need to help people and patients pass time in waiting areas. One way they overcome this is by playing music, but picking and playing the right music that helps create a calm atmosphere while also honoring copyright infringement laws can be a challenge without the right help. As a large Mood media distributor, Audio Acoustics can help any clinic tailor the right Mood media that creates a calm and inviting atmosphere, fits your clinics budget and doesn’t infringe on any copyright laws. Using Mood media services also means the music played in your clinic is programmed for business and edited for lyric and content. Mood is one of the only companies that does not allow songs with offensive lyrics to be played; providing peace of mind to both the listener and clinic. Additionally, Audio Acoustics is able to provide digital signage solutions for any waiting area that helps inform and calm your patients while they wait. These types of services help your brand to reach a holistic approach in how to engage your patients.


Safety and Security

Safety and security isn’t unique to clinics, but all clinics have unique needs when it comes to safety, privacy and security. Audios Acoustics is able to equip any clinic with CCTV services, sound masking for HIPPA regulations and mass communication services. These services are more than just extra features, but rather help any kind of clinic stay up-to-date and compliant in safety measures for their employees and their patients. This provides peace-of-mind to anyone in clinic.


Audio Acoustics has been providing professional audio, visual and healthcare communication services for over 50 years and understands the unique challenges clinical offices might face.


Let’s team up to bring your clinic the best in professional audio, visual and healthcare communications.