Serving You and Your Restaurant

Whether running a QSR (Quick Service Restaurant), casual or fine dining establishment, restaurants can have a wide variety of audio, visual, communication and security needs. Audio Acoustics offers a wide variety of services for restaurants large and small. From the moment the customer pulls into the drive-thru lane, picks up the phone to make reservations, or settles into their booth to eat while they enjoy the big game restaurant owners want to make sure they are engaging their patrons and creating lifelong customers. Audio Acoustics offers intercom and drive thru systems, digital menu boards, Mood media services, commercial satellite television services and CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) services.

Intercoms and drive-thru systems

Clear communication is vital for a successful drive thru experience. Give your customers and employees the latest in wireless drive thru headset system technology to create a consistent and reliable drive thru experience. Audio Acoustics services and installs the following drive-thru system components:

  • Base stations
  • Wireless drive thru headsets
  • Batteries and chargers
  • Drive thru speakers and microphones
  • Vehicle loop detectors
  • Speed of service timers

Audio Acoustics drive-thru maintenance and servicing ensures you have little downtime and can reduce future repair costs or lost sales from a poorly functioning system.

Digital menu boards

More than mere entertainment, digital menu boards allow for quick, engaging content for their customers. From the FDA requiring restaurants to make nutrition information available, daily menu changes or nightly specials that are offered digital menus allow for quick, cost-effective changes.

Mood Media

Mood Media allows you to set the visual and audio tone for your restaurant. From musical selections tailored to your clientele to digital displays, Audio Acoustics can pair you with the right Mood options within your goals and budget.

Read more about our Mood services here 

Commercial satellite services for TVs

From drawing a crowd for the big game, entertaining the kids while they wait or providing election results on for a watch party, we can provide the right satellite TV solution for your restaurant. Audio Acoustics can help you get the channels your restaurant needs and the support you deserve with programming packages and full-service maintenance options. At Audio Acoustics, we only service commercial satellite TV accounts, so you’ll never be in line with any residential customers. By dealing directly with Audio Acoustics, you’ll deal direct with a full service provider.

CCTV for Restaurants

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems not only provide surveillance and security for your restaurant, but also helps keep your employees and customers safe. Audio Acoustics provides top service in CCTV that helps:

  • Decrease product loss
  • Protect from fraudulent lawsuits
  • Increase productivity
  • Monitor staff
  • Prevent vandalism