Month: January 2018

Sound Systems Can Benefit the Schools

5 Spaces Quality Sound Systems Can Benefit the School Learning Environment

From the hallways to the auditorium, gymnasium to the cafeteria, every inch of a school building (inside and out) is used for student success and community involvement. While all of those locations…

Tips for Mixing Live Sound

5 Foolproof Tips for Mixing Live Sound

The sound tech role can easily be one of the most overlooked positions in a live performance as long as everything is running smoothly. However, the second someone’s ear tells them something isn’t…

Mood Music for Dentist Office Image

How Using Mood Music in Your Dental Office Helps Put Your Patients at Ease

Using music to ease or lessen anxious thoughts or feelings is nothing new, and it’s especially not new in the healthcare industry. Since this discovery and practice, healthcare professionals have…