Recently, Audio Acoustics announced the expansion of their Rauland services to now include much of the state of Oklahoma. This addition now makes Audio Acoustics the largest licensed Rauland distributor in Oklahoma.

We recently had the opportunity to visit with the new Technical Manager Patrick Myers and Healthcare Technician Billy Henley; both of the new OKC office. While the Oklahoma City office might be a new addition for Audio Acoustics, Myers and Henley are no strangers to Audio Acoustics or to healthcare communication solutions.

Since 2011, Myers has been a dedicated employee working on many different types of technician jobs for Audio Acoustics ranging from Springfield, MO, Poplar Bluff, MO and now to Oklahoma.

When asked about his role in the Oklahoma office he says, “In my current position as Technical Manager I get to address issues from a new angle, and work with customers to solve their problems before installs even start. This has also been very fulfilling to me. I take a lot of pride in making sure that the customer gets what they actually need, not what would be the most profitable thing for me to sell them.”

A veteran in the industry, Henley has 16 years of experience and has worked extensively with Rauland communication products in Colorado. When the opportunity came for him to be closer to family and friends, he jumped at the chance to do something he’s passionate about in Oklahoma. Henley added, “I am most excited about having the opportunity to work on the forefront of new technologies, learning new systems and helping customers utilize this technology to help streamline their workflows.” He continued, “As for what I bring to OK territory, I believe I bring a strong technical understanding of the systems that Audio Acoustics is currently installing and servicing.”

Henley’s background not only brings a wealth of experience in configuration work, server builds and assistance in system designs, but he also brings a strong sense of customer service. He noted, “I’ve also done all of the end user training and our in-house audio/intercom technician training. I enjoy working with new technologies, but also love bringing an energetic customer service to those we serve.”

Since the Oklahoma office opened in the spring of 2018, Myers and Henley say they’ve been able to hit the ground running with Rauland nurse call service and maintenance, as well as new installations in both the Tulsa and OKC area. One in particular is a current project in Oklahoma City installing new Rauland touchscreens in the OR that allow communication with other areas of the hospital. Myers noted the hospital’s excitement in having this new technology in the OR and how it’s going to improve communication. “They had an obsolete system that was not only costing them time but also money in maintenance”, Myers added.

The Oklahoma office might be located a few hours away from the corporate office in Springfield, but it’s definitely not an island to itself.

Myer’s recalls a large, involved job that was going to take him and a team to the Poplar Bluff area and required a very early departure. He says, “When I showed up early Friday morning, a Springfield office employee was waiting for us at the shop, had a bag of breakfast sandwiches ready and thanked us for our dedication to the job. That really stuck with me – Audio Acoustics will take care of their technicians. Most of my mindset as a technician comes from this experience.”

When you entrust Audio Acoustics to solve your hospital communication problems, you get the whole team, not just a location.

Are you needing Rauland service done at your hospital? Contact our Oklahoma office today to schedule an appointment.